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Bored of the Wings

Author File Description
Roger the Rampant
File Details
Ruleset: TS Standard Rules
Map Size: X-Large
Playable Races: All
Surface Levels: 3
Difficulty: Normal
I've set it up with alliances between Highmen/Dwarves, Orcs/Dark Elves and Humans/Azracs. This enables you to play it as a 6-player PBEM with good vs evil vs neutral, or three players against each other having two races each. In single player you can play as any race, my favourites at the moment on this map are the Goblins or the Lizards. If you play with leaders off you'll still start with a decent hero, all of them have spellcasting V - but watch out, their stats are quite weak initially. Above all, have fun!


In Hoppitsun the Hoppits were just emerging from one of the worst winters in living memory, and Hoppits live for a very long time indeed. Nodo was feeling bored, as he sat in Fag End and picked restlessly at a big bunch of grapes. He wanted to eat them before Peregrin took them. There had been a few problems of late with the ice queen of the Frostlings, Ma Baker, who had a habit of walking into banks and saying "Freeze!", then relieving the occupants of all their money. Her side-kick Cynon had been banished by the gods to an eternal role as a ghost rider in the sky, after he was caught following a bank raid in Pickup in the nearby North Farfing, and that was said to have made Ma Baker's bad temper even worse. Nodo was troubled by the Frostlings using their magic for such capitalist ventures, and felt uneasy because an outbreak of icy messages around the shire also suggested that perhaps Ma Baker was not quite as cruel and heartless as she was being portrayed by the media. He wondered whether, under that crunchily frosty exterior, beat a softly caring and romantic heart

Nodo had a set of wings in the cupboard. He used them quite often, they made him disappear, so when somebody said "it's your round Nodo", or when his wife piped up with "don't suppose you fancy doing the washing up tonight, Nodo my sweet", the wings came into use. People had started calling him "Allways Ultra", as he had wings and was often invisible. The wings had faint writing on them in a strange script, which you could only see when you held them at a certain angle. Some said it was the angle of the dangle that was all important. Others said it was elvish script from the language of Firedoor, that it was an incredibly fine engraving, yet would never rub away. Nodo secretly supected that the Sackfill-Baggitquicks had had the job done cheaply and ripped off his uncle Pillnose, who was somewhat gullible in nature, and that the script would soon rub off, as they had bought the wings cheaply at WalMart

Now there was a rumour that Cynon had managed to escape the shackles of the gods, and he was somewhere in their shire right now. Ma Baker was searching for Cynon, but so too was the local shirriff, Logoff. He knew that if Ma Baker and Cynon managed to meet up that would have cataclysmic conseqeuences for their shire. Nodo wasn't overly bothered, as he didn't really know (or care) what "cataclysmic consequences" meant. He rolled a joint, cracked open another Bud, and reached for the remote control.........

Another map by Roger the Rampant, all constructive comments welcome:

Thanks to all at for their help and encouragement, great website you've got there guys, very slick and professional without being mind-numbingly slow
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Can we simply put it this way? This map was the abseloute best! It had good map design, made me laugh hard enough so that i fell off my chair and got a bruise on my head.
The story is funny, and the map is very well balanced.
Map Design3.0
This map is a lot of fun. Very creative indeed. I like the humor in this one. I also like the layout, the sense of exploration of seeing just where the teleport or cave entrance leads to makes one want to keep playing. Some of the flat areas still require a bit more filling in, like the deserts and the wasteland. (of course people will start saying to me: BCH! That is a desert! Deserts are suppose to be empty and sandy! Yes indeed, my suggestions is that it might be better filled with rocks, skeletons and 'dunes' - sand hills. No need to fill every hex of course. :)) Map Design, I would give a 3.5 at most, standards being set against Athendore, Three Kingdoms, LOTR and HOBII. But overall, the map is a must-play.

Let's just say if this rating system allows it, I would give this map a 5/5 for "map to play".

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Map Design4.0
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Size:142.62 KB