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Downloads Home » Multi Player Maps » The Legends Of Hectoraze (updated 8/14/01)

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The Legends Of Hectoraze (updated 8/14/01)

Author File Description
File Details
Ruleset: TS Standard Rules
Map Size: X-Large
Playable Races: Some
Surface Levels: 3
Difficulty: Normal
Version: v1.0

Centuries have gone by since the passing of the Guardian Zirengia Twoblade. The Cause had remained as a faithful ally. And thus, without haressment from external forces, Thurigenesis prospered and grew in power under the leadership of her Council Members. Many years before she died, Twoblade united the surviving nations of Hectoraze under a common goal: to rebuilt Hectoraze. With the nations of the Plainsmen of Narminel and the Wisenlanders of the North, they rebuilt cities and returned people to their homes. Many nations were restored.

For a long time, there was peace.

But the Thurigeneshite and Wisen nations of Hectoraze became laxed in their watch over the Gateways as the time went by. Despite warnings from Raincalmer the Ancient Druidmaster, they refused to believe that the Evil that once swept the land would sought to return one day. The Gates have been dormant for many decades now. Their use forgotten. The Warlock Lord, a piece of ancient history, was locked away in another world known as the Dark Dimension.

And so, the history of the Ten Year War slipped quietly under the piles of records of old myth and legend. The Warlock Lord was merely a mad King of his time, and talk of the Undead and Draken Elves became dismissed as fairy tales of old, scoffed by the current generation.

And the Sons of those Heros who fought so hard against the Warlock Lord, lost the unity their Forefathers once shared. Politics and greed dominated Hectoraze and conflicts once again grew out of petty affairs and groundless suspicions. Raincalmer the Ancient watched sadly as the world of Hectoraze fell from the peace that he and Twoblade had once fought so hard to secure.

Elves and Halflings who had now returned to settled in their own homes were often haressed and persecuted. Even the Wisenlanders were sinister when it came to signing treaties of trade or property. The Plainsmen of Narminel stood between the Wisenlander Highmen of the North and the Humans of Thurigenesis in the south. Although all sides seem to be at peace, it seemed that both had intentions of invading the Plainmen Nations.

Far in the east, the Orc population grew in numbers. They watch as the Elf-Halfling Alliance prepare for war against the increasingly hostile Wisenlanders and Humans.

Deep in the Dark Dimension, the Evil that never sleeps discovers an window of opportunity to return and take back what he claims to be his. The Warlock Lord had been watching his old home for centuries. Their chaos was a blessing. He reformed the alliance with the Draken Elves, and pulled his forces who had been destroying the Dwarven and Cold Clans lands back to his city. He would leave this wasted world known as the Dark Dimension and return with a vengenance.

He was well aware that the Dwarves and the Men of the Cold Clans would surely break through and destroy his standing forts in the Dark Dimension. But let them, for the Goblins and the Draken Elves will take care of them. And if they dare follow him back to Hectoraze, so be it, Their dying numbers shall add to his growing army of the Dead and feel the spirits of Evil.

The Gates were already half opened and so he sent a Dreamcreep into the city of the Orcs and implanted a vision of power and chaos into the mind of a young Orc leader, to cause the first stirrings.

And so the way was prepared for the return.

All races present and playable except The Lizards.
Please note down any bugs if encountered. Comments welcomed.
Recommended style of play: PBEM
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S BattleAxe
Map Design3.0
Map Design5.0
One of the most beautiful maps I have played. Blue's use of terrain is something a lot of mapmakers could learn from. I certainly have. The terrain flows so naturally and is really quite exquisite. Dealing with the Indies is difficult though not impossible. I think that may be some of my influence.

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