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Downloads Home » Single Player Maps » Hidden Kingdoms....Forbidden Realms - May 19 2005

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Hidden Kingdoms....Forbidden Realms - May 19 2005

Author File Description
Arctic Wolf
File Details
Ruleset: TS Standard Rules
Map Size: Medium
Playable Races: One
Surface Levels: 3
Difficulty: Hard
Hidden Kingdoms......Forbidden Realms
(An Arctic Wolf Map and Story)

Loose Translations from the Scrolls of Luxnar

Years and years have past since the Great Wars were fought in the lands of our Elders. The Stories brought down from that time tell tell of mighty Kingdoms which raised large armies that raged battle throughout their realms. The battles which were fought shook the entire world to its very foundation such that great earthquakes split the earth and and fire storms rained down from the heavens. The armies which shook the heavens have fallen silent, but rumours persist that the Great Kingdoms which forged these armies still lie in wait for the wars to continue. Some realms are said to be guarded by strange snow beasts and dragons who slay all who come near. Some realms have been stolen away by the very earth that the armies shook. Their peolpes remain oblivious to the imprisonment.

In all eight Kingdoms lie in wait. The Kingdom of Neconodon once ruled by the Orcish Emperor Neconis, the equally great Kingdom Of Cylindhor ruled by the High Elf Regent Khalyndhor. The Goblin Empire of Jux' Alaih and the Dwarven Cavern Realm of Glamora lay buried beneath the ground. Lizards held sway over portions of the land as well ruling the nearly forgotten lands of Sisc and Ghorr, and the Frostlings ruled over the Valley of Yougmouthe. The Oldest of the hidden Kingdoms and and also the most foreboding are said to lie in ruins but their names still inspire fear and awe; The Highmen Valley of Hidden Light, and The Undead Caverns in the Dark Beneath.

Whether these lands truly exist or whether they be myth is unsure but it has been written in the most ancient of books that if either the ancient Highmen Kingdom Hidden Light or the Undead Caverns of the Dark Beneath are rebuilt the wars will continue anew until either Light or Darkness wins the land. The Kingdoms are inextricably linked in time and lore. If either of these realms is found the other most certainly will be found also.

End of Translations

Proceedings from the Council of Lord Luminar

The council is called to meeting regarding the recent translations from the Luxnar scrolls and the recent news of the Dwarven Expeditionary force sent to the depths to find new mining territories. It seems the Dwarves uncovered an ancient ruin believed to be the magical city of Hidden Light. The entire expedition save two miners was destroyed. Reports from the survivors indicate the ruins are guarded by Undead soldiers determined to keep the city from being rebuilt. A lone dwarf survivor guards the entrance to the Hidden city but his surviving companion lays in madness unable to point the way to his friend.

The council quickly decides. Luminar must lead the forces downward to the City of Hidden Light and rebuild before the enemies of Light gain the upper hand. Iit is known that Mighty Wizards dwell throughout the lands; but, it is also known that they will not choose sides. Wizard Magic is available to any who will pay. The task is huge. The Undead have certainly began their march, and it is time to act. Will Light or Dark win the earth.

Author's notes:

This is a Single Player map with one playable race, Highmen. The Undead are the cpu controlled race. On the second version of the map a third CPU only race is added (Lizards). The Hidden Kingdoms mentioned in the Luxnar Scrolls are real. The more secret Kingdoms you uncover the greater the chances for success. Some will be easily uncovered, others require vast exploration. The map is also password protected to ensure that no-one tries for unfair advantage. Good luck.


Play Leaders on or off. Explore on. No Customization.
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Map Design5.0
I gave it a balance of 4 because I had to resort to building the one team of high level assasins to get the job done. I was not able to hold any cities. As you said it was pretty hard.

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Map Design5.0
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