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Shadow Hunters

Author File Description
File Details
Ruleset: TS Standard Rules
Map Size: X-Large
Playable Races: Some
Surface Levels: 3
Difficulty: Impossible

This map is the Single Player version of "From the Shadows - Reborn". It is much more harder.. I'd like to see someone finish it without leaders lol (now this would be a real monthly challenge !!!)

It is a HUGE map with 3 terrain levels. I used the Dix inversion tricks but didn't abuse them.

The pack is ssoooo big (4.5 mb) because Cynon's portrait pack is included. I take absolutely NO credit for the really cool images used. If you already have these images installed, you no longer need to install them. You can also get this picture pack from here

Now a little something about the map...
Most things are new and inovative like 30 new heroes, 20 new items, heroes in dungeons, secret areas, pop-up messages to guide you, minor quests at start etc.

The teams may seem a bit unfair.. they may be but it's all for the fun.

Team 1(playable): Dark Elves, Lizardmen, Goblins.
Team 2(not playable): Humans, Elves, Highmen, Halflings, Dwarves.
Team 3(not playable): Undead


Many decades after the fall of the Elven Court, the land was peaceful. After centuries of bloody wars, 3 races proved supreme : the Humans, the Elves and the Highmen. Most the other races were incorporated into these 3 super-empires.

But some races refused to join the Light and so the land was prepared for a new war. The empires proved to be supreme once again and so the Dark races were banished to hide into the cracks of the earth.

Centuries have past since a dark creature was seen walking the land. The most arrogant and ruthless race, the Humans, felt like something was missing from their daily routine --- WAR. So they made up a devious plan that made the 3 empires go search for the Dark races in the deep dark caves of the underground realm.

The Highmen were easily manipulated by the Humans. Their righteous conscience could not resist,,, All Highmen units were mobilized. The Elves were not so easily convinced by the Humans. But they accepted to join them in battle, for the Highmen had asked them to.

In the underground realms, the Dark races were plotting. The news of war had troubled them. It wouldn't have taken much time and the Great Alliance would have broken the walls of their rusty strongholds. So they decided to take action and change their destiny by crushing the 3 supreme races.

In a suicidal - kamikaze attempt, a considerable Dark Elven group had led a human patrol to an Undead boneyard. By doing so, they hoped that the Alliance would think that the location of their empire was there. It worked. In no time, the Highmen had constructed numerous teleporters that transported units right in the hart of the boneyard, to their doom.

But for how long will this strategy work???

By digging the earth, the goblins found a way to the surface and so the dawns of war were again at hand.

In the far away lands, fairies predict another great war is about to start....

I didn't put any password on this one (i usually do). You can mod it and do everything you like just DO NOT post it as your own. If you want to make an edited version and post it, contact me first! (, AIM:Treyx16)

I think I told you about everything... I hope you like it Enjoy!
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Map Design5.0
Sweet...This is a great map, However the only portrait I could see was my guy Soddor and some other guy. It definitly had a lot of errors, but i was able to figure it out...Excellent Detail, i wonder how long it took u to make this level, well, cya
Map Design5.0
Great map from what I could see but there were far too many errors that rendered the map virtually unplayable.

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Map Design5.0
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Size:4.54 MB