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The Meltwater River

Author File Description
Arctic Wolf
File Details
Ruleset: TS Standard Rules
Map Size: X-Large
Playable Races: One
Surface Levels: 1
Difficulty: Hard
The Meltwater River


This map (Part of my new campaign "The Goblin War Drums) is set in time well after the Battle at the Valley of Wonders. Julia and the Keepers were victorious and the New Age of Elves began. The Keepers ruled the land spreading their new religion of tolerance towards all races. Indeed the Dwarves, Halflings and Elves tolerated each other exceedingly well, sharing the bounty of the land. In Time the Highmen convinced the Elves that the nuetral races were also to be tolerated and a place was found for them as well.

Things were not so good if you were a Dark Elf or an Orc. Only the dark corners of the lands were 'shared' with you. In fact if you came to close the the Keepers' lands you were hunted down and killed. Tolerance after all has its limits. If you were a were left with nothing! In fact it was great sport amongst the Humans to hunt you down for sport. The 'Running of the Goblins' became a great passtime of the Humans and in time your numbers had diminished such that extiction was a stark reality.

The Story:

We are well into the campaign when this story takes place. The Goblins have succeeded in carving a small toehold in the Snowy Mountains. From this beginning a small but evergrowing Army of Goblins has began a slow but determined march southwards to claim vengence upon the races which have hunted them. They have recaptured the Goblin Mountains, and led a bloody war against the Lizards. Now they have come back to the North to purge the steppes of all fair races.
The Goblin forces are still small relative to the rest. But with their new battle anthems ringing in their ears they are determined to claim the steppes or die trying.

Authors Notes:

This is the first map in the third stage of the Goblin War Drums Campaign. It is being uploaded to guage reaction to the new music incorpoated into the campagn. Play with leaders on. Explore on. Customization off, and have fun.


The Battle Anthems:

This Upload contains six new songs converted to .it format for your enjoyment. Cynon helped with the conversions but avows no responsibilty for the music selection.(He claims it irritated him to such an extent that he left the forum for six months)


1) Download the zip file and extract it to your Hard Drive.

2) Place the map file (The Meltwater River.hsm) into your Age of Wonders/senario/custom folder.

3) Place the files in the songs folder into the Age of Wonders/songs folder.

4) In that songs folder there is another folder called combat. Rename this folder Orig_combat.

5) Now place the combat folder in the upload into the Age of Wonders/songs folder

If you don't like the new music just rename the Orig_Combat folder back to combat and discard the new combat folder.

Remove the new songs. The map will still work.


All music save one song for this download was found at in midi format. The one song found elsewhere is the song "Ap, proaching Battle" which is a Final Fantasy Conversion.

Combat Songs:

(Troopers Death (anonymous; arranged by Captains Raymond and Howard)(([about events on 25 Oct 1861 in Springfield, MO], published in 1862
(Approaching Battle, Final Fantasy X)
To Arms! To Arms! (William F. Otten L. L. D.; arr. Vandermeyde)

Goblin Battle Anthems:
1) Goblins March Home
(To the Army & Navy of the Union. "When Johnny Comes Marching Home" (1863) Music introduced in the Soldier's Return March by Gilmore's Band
2) Goblin Bomber Anthem
(The popular refrain of "Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!" (1861) )
3) Its a Long Way to Goblin Hollow
("It's a Long, Long Way to Tipperary" (15 Oct. 1912) Written & Composed by Jack Judge (1878-1938) and Harry Williams (?-1930)
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