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Echmeandor Part 2

Author File Description
File Details
Ruleset: TS Standard Rules
Map Size: X-Large
Playable Races: One
Surface Levels: 2
Difficulty: Normal

"After the great conquer of Echmeandor, fifty years ago, the world was brought once again to a temporary peace. The alliances of Yorians, Distimians, and Ismians were dissovled and all the races helped to build the central palace again. They thought that this would solve their problems. But many rouges still felt animosity for all, and felt betrayed. The spirits of the dead were angered that they had faught in vain, and the rouge priest, Tornaku, led spirits and
rouges in a war against the great alliance. Because the alliance was stil;picking up the pieces, is was not hard for the rouges to win. Elves, Halflings,Highmen, Frostlings, Dwarves, Azracs, Humans, Undead, Goblins... none were spared. The rouges inhereted Echmeandor and created a new alliance called Torkinians, after their leader. Unfortunately, they were not aware of a greatsecret kept by the old alliance, and a single wizard called Mustokon. They new that the war was for a reason, and that it was nescissary for the survival ofEchmeandor to form another alliance when it was finished. The earth was brought alive, and most of the rouges were slain, hurricanes destroyed airships,tsunamis destroyed water craft, earthquakes and falling mountains destroyed most of the rest. Floods occured and trees came alive and crushed houses. A small group still lived in the tunnels of the third, secret, layer of Echmeandor. They were undiscovered, even by the earth itself, and had almost forgotten themselves. A great army of wizards, led by Mustokon, liberated them and took them to the past. They were told of their mistakes, and told also that if they wanted the word to be whole again, they would need to assasinate themselves in the past, to save the old alliance from being destroyed. They new
that their task was of utter inmortance, and that somehow, they had to do this. They succeded and the alliance thrived for many more years."

The old man sits back and takes a drag from his pipe. He smiles and asks, "Do you want to hear the rest, or do you want to fall asleep?" You reply that you want to hear more.

"Very well. Three hundred years later, when the Elves and Highmen had left for a better place, the Halflings and Fostlings were overthrown by the evil races. The neutrals were disturbed by this sign of violence and attacked the
'Distimians' and they were destroyed. The Undead, Goblins, Orcs, and Dark Elves ruled Echmeandor. Mustokon's Great Great Great Grandson, Hoponikur, returned with the Elves and Highmen and flushed the evil race sout of Echmeandor and
resumed residence there. Hoponikur instructed them to enter a portal that would take them to a early Echmeandor, to destroy the evil races before they grew in
size and power, that would apease the powers and smoothe out the world's problems."

You stare intently at the Old Man. He'd been telling you this story all night in a pub. "Well what happened next?"


This is a signle player map, however the first in the trilogy is multi-player. You play as the Elves and the main point is to conquer the undead city. I highly recommend that when you are finished with this game, that you play Echmeandor 1 first, and part 3.

To install this map simply export it to the custom map folder of AOW, ei: C:Program FilesAge of WondersScenarioCustom
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Map Design3.0
This map is password protected, so I actually had to play it to learn anything.

This map looks like it's about half finished - there are lots of good ideas, but the details to tie it all together are missing. It's not easy to play without knowing what you're supposed to be doing, since the objective is to capture locations.

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Map Design3.0
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