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Orcs of the Southron Kingdom Campaign v3.0 (new!)

Author File Description
Arctic Wolf
File Details
Ruleset: TS Standard Rules
Map Size: X-Large
Playable Races: All
Surface Levels: 3
Difficulty: Hard
New! Version 3.0 of this Campaign - Updated August 13, 2003

This download contains all three Branches of the "Orcs of the Southron Kingdom", a new multi-branch Campaign for you to play. There are 62 maps in this new campaign, with at least 18 different paths to the end!

The First Branch is the Story of Gom, an ambitious Orc out to profit from the strange goings on in the North. Gom will find Sciscero's Ring and be invited to lead the Lizards to "The Lost City of Marshes", or he will follow orders and try to follow the path to becoming "THE ORCRIST".

The Second Branch is the story of Brak, an Orc who would rather make love to his wench-mates than go to war, (Who wouldn't). Will Brak be seduced by the "strange" but enticing Dark Elf wenches, or will he overcome his lust and serve Queen Sarag and the Orcs of the Southron Kingdom.

The Final Branch is the story of Queen Sarag. Queen Sarag must overcome the whispers she hears in her sleep and the dreams which follow. She will be offered the Gift of Immortality, should she accept? You decide.

In all there is 62 maps in this download, with at least 18 different paths to the end map. If you choose the right path you shall become the ORCRIST, but beware, the journals are purposely misleading.

There are Three README files included; PLEASE read them in order and follow the instructions.

It is really important to me that people who play my campaign give me feedback. This campaign contains 62 scenarios and I believe is the largest single player campaign made for Age of Wonders.

I have tried very hard to resolve all issues prior to release but I am more than willing to correct problems that people come across. Also, I have taken considerable licence with the AOW time line and history. If you feel I have went too far, let me know. As it is, please enjoy this work, it has been fun making it.

Please post problems in the AOW Forum under my ORCS OF THE SOUTHRON KINGDOM thread or email me at

As as note to those playing the first two branches. If you do not wish to start over. Install everything except the file. This will update the maps in the first two branches, but will not force you to begin again. Of course if you do this Queen Sarag's story will not be available until you install the new cam file.
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Daemon Zrat
Map Design4.0
Absolutre WoW! I played the Gom Storyline and tried to join the Undead. Eating Lizards was fun! I was surprised that the path was not linear, their were many oppertunities to play other races. At first I was chagrinned that there seemed to be no oppertunity to choose to be good. After examining the path choices i realized that nuetral was about as good as an Orc could get. Makes sense actually. The final map is a masterpiece!

The only drawbacks were occasional typo's and the odd crash of the game. Crashes did not repeat themselves so I assume my computor is flaky. On a few levels the maps are amatuerish in that they do not have very much varied terrain, but all the maps are superior to the campaign that came with the game.

I am going to play the other two storylines and probably investigate the turns in the Gom branch that I did not play.

Everyone, do yourselves a favour and play this campaign. In my opinion it is the most significant contribution to AOW heaven ever! Better than the Warlock Mod!
Arctic Wolf
File Author
Wow! Thanks DZ!!
NeKoeNMa I'm sorry but I'm stupid and ignorant. Can anyone tell me where to get a campaign editor? I already have the levels

Also, I liked the campaign very much. If tere's any other campaign good like that, let me know!

PS: I still didn't finish this thing.
Map Design5.0
Agree with everything DZ said. The 4 instead of the 5 in balance is just because i thought it was rather hard to beat the undeads in the last scenario, i actually had to 'cheat' a little (wich means razing 2 of the teleporters in the middle of the map to confuse the AI). The first 2 maps playing as Gom are rather a 2-4 rating but dont stop playing, the rest are more like 5-7! Thanks a lot Arctic for sharing your excellent work.
Map Design5.0
Everyone should download and play this campaign. It is great fun and very challenging. I for one am looking forward to the next campaign that Articwolf puts out for AOW, the original! Thanks Articwolf, well done
Arctic Wolf
File Author
I am definately blushing! Thanks Torax And Kingsanbroncofan!! Your kind words are appreciated!!
Map Design4.0
The campaign is indeed quite nice except the last scen -
it's too big.
I had to wait eleven minutes each turn until the AI
finished their moves ...
That was kind of frustrating,
but the rest of the campaign was nice to play.
how786 Could someone tell me just which version of AOW the Campaign works with, please? AOW II? AOW? AOW 2 SM?

Magog It is an AoW campaign.

For AoW2 and AoW:SM downloads, go to :)
how786 I finally found my old AOW and installed it. (Should I I patch to 1.36?) I then installed the Southron Campaign carefully following the instructions.
When I launch the game and try to play the Campaign I am given the choice of joining "The Keepers" or "The Cult of Storms". When I click on The Keepers I get an error message saying: "Cannot open the file E:\AOW\Scenario\Campaign\
I AM permitted to choose The Cult of Storms.
Is this the Southron Campaign?
Have I done something wrong, please?

[Edited on 09/02/06 @ 03:09 PM]

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Map Design4.5
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