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AoW Evolved

Author File Description
Codyksp Current Version: 4.03.0000 (Updated October 16th, 2021)

AoW Evolved was built upon the Ziggurat Engine Mod and aims to rebalance all aspects of the game for LAN gameplay, rather than PBEM.
This mod is constantly being play tested by a select group of dedicated LAN players and all changes may be subjected to discussion.
The mod also incorporates many ideas from AoW+/AoWx but has evolved to make it's own path while striving for absolute balance.

To install the mod simply copy the contents of the AoW Evolved folder into your Age of Wonders folder, overwriting the existing files.
It is recommended to make a backup of your Age of Wonders folder if you want to restore the original game or play with multiple mods.

A full changelog can be found here: AoW Evolved Changelog

Key changes include the following:
  • Gold income has been halved globally, this allows T4 units to be more expensive without hitting the 255 gold limit.
  • Unit gold upkeep was changed from 4/6/8/10 to 2/4/6/8. This makes T2/T3 and T4 units cost more upkeep than before.
  • Unit XP has been reworked and now follows a more clear system with better rewards and promotion XP carry over.
  • Race relations have been fully reworked, penalties are much higher and relations are harder to improve.
  • Morale and terrain have been fully reworked, races now have disliked and hated terrain (friendly is removed).
  • All races have been changed to be more themed via medal rewards, while remaining in balance with each other.
  • All units take 1 turn to install (which is free) and Builder's Guild/Shipyard production times have been cut in half!
  • Leadership now grants +1 ATK / +1 DEF and is default on all leaders. It's also available on select units.
  • Leaders & Heroes have been fully rebalanced, start with more points but gain less points per level up.
  • Leaders & Heroes gain more passive XP at lower levels and gain more XP from higher tier units, but 0 from T1 units.
  • All levelup ability costs have been adjusted for the above, it is now harder to stack stats like DEF.
  • Spells have been fully reworked, some have changed tier and many have received much needed buffs.
  • City upgrades are now much cheaper and differ per hex size, they still take 3 turns though.
  • Unit vision has been reduced by 1 hex and replaced with 1 hex of terrain only vision. Some structures also lost 1 hex.
  • Ranged attacks have been rebalanced and given specific roles (strong vs high or low DEF) as well as some buffs.
  • Dragon and Dragon Slaying have been renamed to Monster and Monster Slaying and are used for T3/T4 unit balance.
  • And much, much more!

Join the AoW 1 Discord server to discuss the game and mod packs. You can also sign up to play PBEM or live games with us: AoW 1 Discord

  • And G - Creating AoW+ and making many breakthroughs in hex editing.
  • BING XI LAO - Creating Ziggurat Engine Mod (my basis) and contributing to modding knowledge.
  • Inioch Reborn - Building upon AoW+ with AoWx which provided a balance starting point.
  • Eli9185, Blackcat & cole.p - Live game play testers.
  • Lord_Athos - Balance contributions and Guild Freezer portrait.
  • Laurentius - Unit GFX for War Elephant, Turtle Ram and Guild Balloon.
  • Lagi - Unit GFX for dead Succubus.
  • Unknown - Unit GFX for Succubus (taken from AoW Enhanced).
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