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Broken Bow

Author File Description
File Details
Ruleset: TS Standard Rules
Map Size: X-Large
Playable Races: All
Surface Levels: 2
Difficulty: Normal
Surface Minimap:
This is my first submitted map, and it's an X-Large with all the factions playable and lots of towns to capture. There are also lots of sites to take, and each race is balanced against the foes on either side of them. There are some custom items as well, all well guarded and balanced.

It's built for standard 1.36 play in multiplayer (the players can get into the fray right away, or hold back for some bigger battles!), but the AI can be fun as well in a singleplayer matchup.

Any feedback would be much appreciated! I made this map awhile ago, but am only now uploading it! If it gets some positive feedback, you can be sure they'll be more on the way!
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Map Design5.0
nice map.
File Author
Thanks for the review! Anything specific that you noticed about balance, so I know for my future maps?
Map Design4.0
I played as Goblins
Leaders On
Customize On
Allied Victory On
Explore On
Classic mode

All CPU Emperors. Neutrals were set to Aggressor, rest were Normal. This made for what I think is more a challenging AI configuration; I'm going to use this more in the future.

Playability: 4
This was a nice map, was challenging early on for single player. Looks like it would make an interesting multi-player map. It might be a while before I replay it myself, but I'm not averse to it.

Balance: 5
I think the balance was very good. The only thing that might need tweaking are the Undead. By the time I got down there, they had not moved much at all - they had a total of 3 cities. By contrast, the Dark Elves were all over the place, and I had the Highmen bearing down on me early.

What I like most here is the limited use of 4- and 3-hex towns. There are not a lot. My armies at the end were mostly lvl1 and lvl2 units, with just a couple lvl3 sprinkled in, and one lvl4. This isn't a map where you'll be pumping air galleys and have stacks of 8 yetis. The 4-hex and 3-hex towns are placed well, too, I think.

Economy was well balanced, too. You're not rolling in gold and mana - you've got to spend carefully. Upgrading cities must be carefully budgeted for.

Creativity: 3
Nothing earth-shattering here. Just a solid map. I generally ding maps that have deserts/plains in the corners that lead to nowhere. So frustrating to send a scout out there for 5 turns and get nothing from it. I'd prefer either a prize of some sort or just mountains/water.

Map Design: 4
Nothing revolutionary here, but solid. The layout allows you to take multiple approaches to a destination, preventing bottlenecks. There is no quick way to get from one end to the other (besides Town Gate). This forced me to use my armies to topple leaders, as opposed to being lazy and just jetting around the map with my hero. Promotes strategy and guarding flanks/backdoors. I would have preferred a few more wizard towers, but I like that there wasn't a gratuitous amount of resource points and ruins. I finished at turn 53, and my hero was only level 16.

Story/Instructions: 4

Additional Comments:
I lost my second hero very early on (lvl 4) when I got too aggressive with him and was ambushed by two stacks of 8 lvl1 units. It was a rare good move by the AI, and I credit that to the Aggressor setting.

[Edited on 05/16/14 @ 06:49 PM]

paatoo Azrac leader is alone! =)
Ziggurat Mason
Map Design5.0
The PBEM I'm playing with this currently is enjoyable. Thanks!

Playability: 5
There are enough income structures, cities, towers, shipyards, nodes. But not too many at all. If I want to upgrade one of the relatively few 3 or 4 hex towns, then I will have to cut back on my tier 1 troop spam.

Balance: 5
It seems fair. The Lizardmen would be strong due to waterborne access to many sites: but being in the centre means they also have the most enemies.

Creativity: 4
It has a nice interlocking of water and land routes underground. But it isn't hugely innovative, doesn't feature some zany teleporter network or anything like that.

What it IS, is a very solid and beautiful execution of what a map should be like.

Map Design: 5
A very, very good map in terms of geographical realism and variation.

Story/Instructions: 4
Not all maps need a story.

Additional Comments:
Worth a replay, also worth checking the author's profile for other uploads...

[Edited on 05/15/18 @ 05:54 PM]

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Map Design4.7
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