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Greenwood Vale

Author File Description
File Details
Ruleset: TS Standard Rules
Map Size: X-Large
Playable Races: Some
Surface Levels: 1
Difficulty: Normal
Surface Minimap:
Seven playable factions and one fixed AI. Not playable: Frostlings, Lizards, Haflings, Undead and the Elves as they're played by the AI.

I created it as a singleplayer vs AI map, but if anybody has the patience to try it out in multiplayer feel free to do so. All factions except the Elves should have balanced starting locations.

More about the map:
7 spheres
8 players on map
5 heroes per player

No ruleset
Version 1.36

The map utilizes my library of custom heroes and items. So if you want to recruit heroes and find items in dungeons, I have also uploaded those in the ZIP file.

Comments/replies/ratings are appreciated. If feedback is good, I might upload some of the other maps I have made.
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Map Design3.0
I played as Dark Elves,
Leaders On
Customize Leaders On
Allied Victory On
Exploration On
All AI CPU Emperor/Agressor

Playability: 3
The map was fun for me at first, but after I got removed the factions on either side of me, the map ground to a slow crawl. The design is very linear, meaning that mountains force you along a very specific route. This was okay at first, and added to the challenge as the Elves kept sending dwarves over the mountains to harass my resources, but once I got that under control, it just served to really slow down the advance of my armies.

I had a ton of gold, but I didn't want to build anything in my back-line cities, because it would take forever to get those units to the front, even the cavalry types like Executioners.

Balance: 4
Pretty well balanced. My only gripe hear is that the items found in the ruins seem to be over-powered. My leader on turn two had an axe that gave +5 to attack, and he only had to kill some lvl 1 dudes to get it. Also, I'm not a fan of giving leaders/heroes First Strike as an innate ability.

Creativity: 4
A nicely done map that appears to have had a lot of thought and time put into it.

Map Design: 3
As said earlier, I don't like the feeling of being forced into certain routes to navigate the map. It's the same feeling you get in most undergrounds that have just a single-hex wide passage to get anywhere. Units with flying and mountaineering have a big advantage here, and I put the latter on my leader/hero very early. Thank goodness I had haste to get them around the map quicker. I would have also liked a shipyard in the lake areas, to help ferry units around.

The "rails" approach to the map also makes it hard for friendly races to meet up with each other, but that may have been the intention. The Elves were dominant, which was good, but could be unbalancing if they're friendly with a player race, like the Dwarves or Highmen.

I like the copious amount of mountains, but I would prefer "hidden" paths through them, like forests and hills that actually lead through, even though at first glance they appear to go nowhere.

The result of this map is that you have potential choke-points EVERYwhere. I don't think that would play out well in multi-player.

Story/Instructions: 3
Not really applicable for this map, but could've had more backstory and description.

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Map Design3.0
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Size:77.33 KB