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Greyhawk Adventures

Author File Description
Dan Petersson
File Details
Ruleset: TS Standard Rules
Map Size: X-Large
Playable Races: All
Surface Levels: 3
Difficulty: Normal
Welcome to Oerth and particularly the eastern continent: the Flanaess. The Flanaess is the world described in this epic Adventure since it is here the humans and demi-humans dwell. Little is know about the rest of Oerth and therefore it is not described here.

The Flanaess is devided into several different kingdoms and all fight for supremacy and total control of the entire continent.

Editor´s notes: This map is supposed to be a replica of the famous Advanced Dungeons and Dragons "World of Greyhawk". Detailed information is of course available in different TSR productions, for instance World of Greyhawk (TM) and Greyhawk Adventures (TM) Additional inspiration has been taken from The Temple of Elemental Evil (TM) and several other AD&D products.

City races have not been setup to reflect "real" circumstances in AD&D for obvious reasons. Most cities would then have been populated by humans, making it unfair to play as evil or good. Therefore most of the cities have been set to random race.

Veteran AD&D players should hopefully recognize themselves in this huge world. Some of the northern and southern parts have been made up by myself, and the dungeons are home made "treasure hunting" sites.

The map is designed mainly for Multiplayer and therefore little effort has been made on the story and background. The map contains many underground areas with the possibilty to find great riches and rewards. Explore with caution, but always keep in mind that there is a delicate balance between expansion and treasure hunting.

Many different teams can be setup and I am sure that several interesting 1vs1 setups can be found as well. Use your imagination and have fun!

/Dan Petersson
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Arctic Wolf Hi Dan

I must be having a braincramp but I have two questions.

1) Why do all the teleports in the depths give invalid coordinates? For example the teleport @x= 105;y= 15;l= 2 reads x= 2

Others do as well although some give a teleporting coordinate of x=1

2) Why have you placed all of your city armies in the city on the northernmost hex? This can cause the game to spawn extra units in those cities on the city reference hex. For three hex cities this is the easternmost hex and for four hex cities is the southernmost hex. The units do not spwan in every city but they can spawn in some of them at the start of the game. At least this has happened to me on some of my maps.

Just wondering

[Edited on 08/30/07 @ 09:36 PM]

Dan Petersson
File Author
Thanks a lot for your comments Arctic. I will check it out immediately. I haven´t had the time to test the map properly so I might have done something wrong here.
Dan Petersson
File Author
Arctic, you were absolutely right about the teleporters. I must have been really tired when I set those coordinates up. I have fixed this now and I will upload a new version of the map immediately.

I have not seen the problem with spawning units though, and I have started the map several times with all the races, so I hope that it is not a problem. If anyone experiences such problems, please let me know and I will fix that too.

Thanks again for your comments Arctic. I wish I had more time to playtest.

Dan Petersson
File Author
Map updated!
Arctic Wolf Your welcome Dan

In my quick review of your map I didn't notice any other problems. The spawning unit problem does not appear to be an issue on your map as I playtested it for a few turns then looked at the map in the editor and all your indie armies looked right. If I think more clearly about it I remember that the problem occurs most often when the mapmakers armies are smaller than the armies the AI would normally create for the town. Good luck in the comp!

PS I would love the oppertunity to play you on this map some time. It has a really nice feel to it.
Dan Petersson
File Author
I would love to playtest the map in PBEM. I have started a thread in the PBEM section asking for more players.
Dan Petersson
File Author
I have updated the map with some more artifacts and I have corrected one city name that was incorrect.
CrazySlyHawk Wheres my Warhammer +1 :D
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
(very good, keeps you playing, but i started to wane abit getting bored due to lack of story)

Balance: 5
(Very closely balanced! couldn't be more happy.)

Creativity: 5
(unique in its own right)

Map Design: 5
(nice map design and i like the 'dungeon crawl' feel to it when looking for treasure)

Story/Instructions: 2
(due to the fact their was no story at all whatsoever i started to get bored of the map rather quickly in that aspect)

Additional Comments:
Very good map! not disapointed in the least. Feels like the only major thing lacking that would be needed would be some storyline for the players to set their goals to, but if your looking for just a multiplayer world domination map this one is a must! Very good map.

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Map Design5.0
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