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Topic Subject: Fall 2008 1v1 Tourney
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posted 10-06-08 10:19 AM EDT (US)   
That’s right… you guessed it… time for the 1v1 tourney. Here’s what it is all about…

This will be a 1v1 single elimination tournament. Seeding of players will be randomized and we’ll have as many rounds as necessary to find a winner. In the most likely event that the number of players does not make a full bracket (something other than 2, 4, 8, 16, etc) then there will be some wildcard games to get us to a full bracket. I haven’t worked out the details of that piece but everyone who wants to join the tourney will be allowed entry even if it makes the brackets really ugly.There will be a max of 16 players in this tourney. I will give a seeding preference (to avoid the wildcard entries) if you sign up early. The sooner you sign up the better position you are in to not have to play that wildcard round.

Rules – We’ll be playing standard house rules and games will be treated as if they were Wizard Ladder games.

Map – Snowscapes and Mirages by Arctic Wolf - the link to the downloads section is here

Speed of play – We want players to be reliable and fast. It is understood that real life happens and sometimes you cannot play for a period of time. If you cannot get your turn played within 3 days then you must post in the absentee logs otherwise you risk forfeiting the game. There will be no subs.

Signup CLOSEDpost in this thread that you want to join the tourney. Post your email address that you want used for the tourney (ex: I want to join the tourney, mjschuck at fidnet dot com). Signup is open… it will be closed two weeks after the map making tourney results are finalized (estimating Oct 25) on Oct 25 at Noon ET or sooner if we get 16 players signed up. .... still don't have the map so we'll give it a little more time. 16 players max and maybe until the 26th???, sign up fast two slots remaining!!!

Winner – In addition to eternal fame and glory, this may be used as the opportunity to revamp the wizard ladder standings/brackets, etc and the winner will crowned the WL Champ

List of those who have joined (and order they signed up)

1... Crazyslyhawk - emacfallon at hotmail dot com Lost in Qtr Finals
2... Froster - branneji at yahoo dot ca lost in round 1
3... Dazzle94 - darryl dot peers at dsl dot pipex dot com dropped out of round 1
4... Mad87ger - mad87ger at yahoo dot de lost in round 1
5... Dan Petersson - dan-petersson at bredband dot net lost in round 1
6... Zsaber - zhengzjm at hotmail dot com
7... Blixten - johandavidsson91 at msn dot com dropped out of round 1
8... Gandalf the White - gandalf_the_mapmaker at yahoo dot co dot uk lost in round 1
9... Eriksson - poe at telia dot com
10.. Thorongil - Th0r0ngil at hotmail dot com
11.. Ecthelion_21 - ecthelion21 at gmail dot com Lost in Round 1
12.. Draco - francermak at juno dot com
13.. Disenchanted -
14.. Dafyth - Dwcarless at yahoo dot com Lost in Qtr Finals
15.. Enginerd - mjschuck at fidnet dot com
16.. Slipkyes - Slipkyesbass at gmail dot com Lost in round 1

Tourney Brackets:

Game 1 Crazyslyhawk vs Slipkyes CSH wins as Frostlings
Game 2 Gandalf vs Eriksson Eriksson wins as Azracs
Game 3 Mad87ger vs Disenchanted Disenchanted wins as Azracs
Game 4 DanPetersson vs Draco Draco wins as Azracs
Game 5 Froster vs Enginerd Enginerd wins as Azracs
Game 6 Blixten vs Thorongil Thorongil wins by default
Game 7 Dazzle vs Dafyth Dafyth wins by default
Game 8 Zsaber vs Ecthelion Zsaber wins as Frostlings

Qtr Game 1 Winner Game 1 Crazyslyhawk vs Winner Game 2 Eriksson Eriksson wins as Frostlings
Qtr Game 2 Winner Game 3 Disenchanted vs Winner Game 4 Draco
Qtr Game 3 Winner Game 7 Dafyth vs Winner Game 6 Thorongil Thorongil wins as Frostlings
Qtr Game 4 Winner Game 5 Enginerd vs Winner Game 8 Zsaber

Semi Game 1 Winner Qtr 1 Erkisson vs Winner Qtr 2
Semi Game 2 Winner Qtr 3 Thorongil vs Winner Qtr 4

Finals Winner Semi 1 vs Winner Semi 2

Race Selection in games

Round 1 games – since the seeding was based on when you signed up (I was going to randomize it and then this just sort of worked out) the higher seeded person is listed first and will play first which is the Frostlings and the second player listed will play Azracs.

Quarter Final Games - Where possible, both players will play a different race from the Round 1 games. Where this is not possible the player that signed up earlier will be given the race preference.

Semi Final Games – If a player has played the same race twice then that player will play the other race. If both players have played the same race twice, or if both players have already played both races then the player that signed up earlier will be given the race preference.

Finals - The player that signed up earlier will be given the race preference. Exception: if one of the players has played the same race in the three earlier rounds then he will get to play the other race.

Turn Logs – Please keep them up to date and post in them even if it is only with a “turn sent” comment. Have fun with your turn logs as other players may wish to read them.

Tourney Discussion thread A new thread will be opened to discuss the tourney games.(Never got around to this so just use this thread) Speculation and voting on who you think will win, which matches are the ones to watch, who is the favorite, what are the strategies you wish to use, etc. It will be an open forum to discuss things about the tourney while this thread will remain open to document progress with the tourney, results, etc

Results – post your results in this thread. Example – “Forster beat Enginerd in Game 5” (yes Forster… you will be the lucky one to play me it looks like )

(edit - added ending date of signups and max# players, added tourney brackets. Updated games finished 11/25, updated games finished 12/13, updated games finished 12/29, updated games finished 2/28)

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posted 11-04-08 02:28 PM EDT (US)     61 / 109  
I never received your email probably because I have changed email addresses since we last communicated. My new email is

Arcticwolf at Incentre dot net
So I suppose that you never got my e-mail concerning on the bug in Ode to Van Vogt, since I sent it to Tundraiwolf@etc? I knew I should have posted it as a comment on the downloads page instead of writing a mail...
posted 11-04-08 02:41 PM EDT (US)     62 / 109  
So when is this staring? were pretty much all set right?
posted 11-04-08 06:44 PM EDT (US)     63 / 109  
posted 11-04-08 08:16 PM EDT (US)     64 / 109  
Turn Logs have been created for all the maps and I'm in the process of sending all the turns out. In the chance I messed something up just let me know and I'll restart things.

After consulting with AW I incorporated 3 of the 4 changes he mentions above. The Hero is in the prison, the extra 5 gold, the lizard city is set to guard. I did NOT add an extra archer to the frostlings, didn't see the need and I wanted to make as few changes as possible. I noticed the lizard city in playtesting and saw how it unbalanced things just a little so I think that is a good thing, the other two changes are minor. I also made a name change.... hope you guys like the personal touch ... although not sure about having a male name with a female picture of the Azrac leader .

Also, I've added no FMDS to the rules for all the games and posted it in the header for the turn logs. Have fun, enjoy, it's going to be a great ride!
posted 11-04-08 11:01 PM EDT (US)     65 / 109  
yeah great! Im second so I still have to wait for my turn, good luck to everyone!
posted 11-06-08 12:42 PM EDT (US)     66 / 109  
Quick question:

I was just reading the readme.txt for this map; it lists several individual objectives for each side, and then makes a statement about "each player must travel a different path to victory . . .".

Does this mean the victory condition is NOT to eliminate the other's empire, but rather instead to race toward a goal?

I'm probably at a big disadvantage here as like the only player to never have played this map But I'd like some idea as to what exactly constitutes winning

Former PBEM singles champion.
posted 11-06-08 06:46 PM EDT (US)     67 / 109  
Victory condition... wipe out the other player.... every single one of his armies, boats, etc. The objectives are a guide or recommendation on where to look for nice items or heroes. You will need to use them to gather your forces. There are many many many different ways to attack this map thus each player will take a different path to victory.
posted 11-06-08 11:13 PM EDT (US)     68 / 109  
very useful that you say that enginerd! I was planning on concentrating more on gaining the items and heroes but that clarification really helps.

And Dafyth, I havent played the map before either, so your not alone. and btw check the barondir bay thread, i need your email
posted 11-08-08 05:35 AM EDT (US)     69 / 109  
Aaaaaaaah!!! I missed the beginning of the tournament, how ignorant of me?! when do I have to have my turn sent by??? sorry I'm losing it a bit.

This is a dignified place for dignified people, young man. Top hats and monocles are not only recommended, they're required.

Black Hound
posted 11-08-08 12:30 PM EDT (US)     70 / 109  
when do I have to have my turn sent by???
You have received the turn and know how to play it, right? Then play it and send it to the next person when you have time. It'll be appreciated if you play it as soon as possible.
By the way, This thread was especially made for your game against Dafyth.

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posted 11-13-08 04:45 PM EDT (US)     71 / 109  
I hate posting this but Game 7 has been won by Dafyth because of my forfeit. I am having problems with PBEM which I look to sort soon. I'm crushed, but life is never fair.

This is a dignified place for dignified people, young man. Top hats and monocles are not only recommended, they're required.

Black Hound
posted 11-15-08 02:32 PM EDT (US)     72 / 109  
Dafyth wins game 7 by default

Thorongil wins game 6 by default

I'm changing the brackets so that the winner of game 6 plays winner of game 7 (thus Thorongil and Dafyth can play now rather than wait a month or more). Winner of game 5 will now play winner of game 8

Turn logs will be created soon for the new quarter final match.
posted 11-23-08 10:45 PM EDT (US)     73 / 109  
Qtr game 3 result: Thorongil defeats Dafyth

If you've come for a visit, you'd be welcome with fewer, if you've come to take me away, you'll need a lot more.
posted 12-02-08 10:05 PM EDT (US)     74 / 109  
Game 5: Enginerd beats Froster.

Jim Brannen
Skype: jim_brannen
Timezone: -5 GMT (New York Time)
posted 12-05-08 12:34 PM EDT (US)     75 / 109  
Another game finished (yipee for me!), header has been updated.
posted 12-06-08 09:19 PM EDT (US)     76 / 109  
I was going to open a thread when this thing started to discuss the tourney but it just didn't happen


Competition Update!!!!!

Game 1 - CSH has scouts out there bothering Slipkyes.... hard to tell but after about 15 days it sounds like CSH has a slight advantage.... way too early to tell from the cryptic turn logs but it will be interesting to see how Slipkyes comes back from this!

Game 2 - Getting close to day 30... several days ago it appears that Gandalf used the ice storm to enter the azracs lands of Eriksson only to find an Air Galley.... Yikes! now it seems the Azracs are pushing into the Frostling lands with the galley and Gandalf is ready to counter attack and push them out.... Wow... exciting times for these two.

Game 3 - Disenchanted appears to be doing well in his explorations and seems to have his territory well under his control (except for a couple rogue deserters out there). Mad87ger has been silent so we're not sure what super secret missions he's been up to.... only time will tell. Still early on as it is near day 15... one thing is for sure.... a new Avatar "brightens" things on this thread

Game 4 - Well this one is certainly one to watch as two well matched foes go at it. Draco dominated a sea serpent (only to lose it to another serpent later) but the fact that he had one is impressive. Dan is keeping quiet and not telling too much about his adventures..... From my past experience with Dan that usually means he's ready to thump on you.... I can hardly wait to see the fireworks over the next several days as this one heats up. About day 15 and going well.

Game 5,6,7 completed

Game 8 - Zsaber appears to have things under control as he has fought off an invasion (or two) and is striking back. It appears that the Azracs, led by Ecthelion, are back on their heels.... although Zsaber worries about finding a Yaka in the Azrac homeland.... we'll see if Eck has a surprise for the invaders.... or not! What a match and already had 36 turns

Keep up the good work....
posted 12-07-08 02:52 PM EDT (US)     77 / 109  
Cool, Enginerd summarized all the turn logs for us. I like it

Lets keep the turn logs rolling in folks...

Edit: Changed "keep the updates rolling" to "keep the turn logs rolling" which is what I really meant. But if Enginerd wants to write some sort of update on all the games every so often, I think that would be very cool.

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posted 12-12-08 11:02 AM EDT (US)     78 / 109  
So Far..

Azracs 2 wins
Frostlings 1 win

I will keep tabs to see if balance is as good as I think it is.
posted 12-12-08 07:41 PM EDT (US)     79 / 109  
Yeah, I'm watching for the balance too.... however I'd put the stats at Frostlings 1 and Azracs 1, two of the games never got past day 1 when I awarded victories so they don't count. In my game Froster had a bad start and I just had no choice but to take advantage of that so balance wasn't much of a factor in our game. But yes, I'll keep the main post updated with the winning race so we can track it.

Yes... I will definitely make some more game updates in a week or two or as events unfold. It's fun to go through the turn logs.
posted 12-12-08 09:14 PM EDT (US)     80 / 109  
Game 8 finish with Zsaber wins as frostling. Thanks for the game ecthelion21 .
posted 12-12-08 10:39 PM EDT (US)     81 / 109  
I already knew the next result. So 2 to 1 it is.
posted 12-13-08 10:47 AM EDT (US)     82 / 109  
as always... one step up on me....

Another game finished and another quarter final match ready to start. Since I played Azracs and Zsaber played Frostlings we'll reverse roles and I'll play frostlings, Zsaber will get Azracs. I'll set the next game up soon and get the header updated.
posted 12-14-08 01:32 AM EDT (US)     83 / 109  
Game 2 Gandalf vs Eriksson

Eriksson wins

Life is nothing but a game
posted 12-14-08 01:15 PM EDT (US)     84 / 109  
Congrats to Eriksson, well done... now we'll see who he will face next.... Slipkyes or CSH????

Header updated.
posted 12-23-08 09:08 AM EDT (US)     85 / 109  
Competition Update!!!!!

Round 1 Games in Progress:

Game 1 - This game is progressing and is on or about day 20 with CSH (Frostlings) and his scouts bothering Slpkyes. It appears that the first few scouts CSH sent out were killed or pushed back but it sounds like that won't stop CSH from pushing forward as he is planning more invasions... Can Slipkyes push him out then retaliate or is he laying some kind of a trap? Will CSH's next attempt be more fruitfull? The next few turns could tip the scales in this one.

Game 3 - Disenchanted (Azracs) is at least letting us know of his success while Mad87ger remains silent in the posts making this one not so exciting to read. It does look like Disenchanted is well on his way to victory, we'll see what sneaky defense the Frostlings have in store but I'd have to say that they are between a rock and a hard place.

Game 4 - This game is winding down as well and it looks like Draco (Azracs) is on his way to victory, a few more battles to wipe out the last strong defenses of the Frostlings and this one will be completed. I think this match was probably the most difficult round 1 match, both are very strong skilled players.

Qtr Final Games

Game 1 - Eriksson stands ready to play the winner of the Slipkyes/CSH match. Eriksson is a veteran, a solid and skilled player (as I think back to the last time he thumped on me ) and he will face a newer player in either CSH or Slipkyes. They both will be in for a tough battle and Eriksson will be the favorite here.

Game 2 - Most likely this will be a match between Draco and Disenchanted. This will be a tough match, hard to pick a favorite here as Draco has gotten the rust out of him having played a few games up against Disenchanted who has been taking care of his opponents in all of his games. A tough match to call... now, lets see if these two can hold on and defeat their first round opponents

Game 3 - Thorongil waits for Game 4 to end...

Game 4 - good thing I made this update as I had forgotten about this one Enginerd (frostlings) will play against Zsaber (Azracs), two old friends who have met before many times, they are well matched and this one will be a tough battle. (I'll get the game started soon, sorry)

Keep up the good work and the turn logs, many people are reading them....
posted 12-28-08 05:48 AM EDT (US)     86 / 109  
Game 3, Mad87ger vs. Disenchantlered (alias Disenchanted)

Disenchantlered wins
posted 12-29-08 04:26 PM EDT (US)     87 / 109  
Game 4 results: Draco (as Azracs) defeats Dan (as Frostlings). Good game, Dan!

[sneaky tactics deleted!]

[This message has been edited by Angel Draco (edited 12-29-2008 @ 11:01 PM).]

posted 12-29-08 08:11 PM EDT (US)     88 / 109  
Congrats to Draco and Disenchanted on their victories, well done. They now will face each other in the quarter final match.

Since both players were Azrac in round one the tie breaker goes to Draco (who signed up earlier) and he gets to choose his race. He said he'd play Azracs again so the game has been setup and turns sent out.

Header will be updated soon to reflect the status of games.

Nice to know what Draco's tactics are... we'll just archive that bit of info for later use unless he's trying to be tricky

Only one game from round 1 left to finish.... Who will face Eriksson... CSH... or Slipkyes?
posted 01-04-09 01:44 PM EDT (US)     89 / 109  
Look at all my erratic turn logs - the holiday season is almost over and I hope to be back to full war-production by Wednesday!

Token Irish Gamer!
posted 01-12-09 09:29 PM EDT (US)     90 / 109  
Round One is Over

Azracs won 4 times
Frostlings won twice
(Two matches were forfeited)

Round two has only one game finished

Frostlings won

So we have four victories for the Azracs versus three for the Frostlings.

Problem with analyzing this is that pretty much for each game the player I would consider the favourite won.

As for the strategies used, I have been surprised for the most part. Enginerd and Eriksson seemed to tackle the scenario (based upon obscure turn logs) in a manner closest to that which I designed things. Draco and Thorongil on the other hand each used tactics I never considered. (Especially Thorongil)

So much depends upon what happens early. A nice item in a lair or crypt can make an objective much easier, but an unlucky loss of a key unit can force temporary abandonment of the current objective.

I must say I got quite a kick out of Gandalf building his ice bridge only to run smack into an Air galley on the other side. Just as I enjoyed Thorongil harassing Dafyth with his poison immune hero. Dafyth had obviously not checked the apparel I had given the starting heroes. Probably a few players didn't realize that some heroes have items in their inventory that don't activate unless they put them on.

But the tourney has dispelled the weak and now only the strong remain.

I'm rooting for Draco to take out Enginerd. (Sorry Enginerd but you have thumped me too often and I like the idea of an Upset.) But in the other games I have no real preferences. But enough of my rambling log. Everyone please enjoy the next round!
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