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AoW3: General Discussion & suggestions
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Age of Wonders 2 Heaven » Forums » AoW3: General Discussion & suggestions » [SCENARIO] Rise of the Dragons
Topic Subject:[SCENARIO] Rise of the Dragons
posted 08-07-14 05:44 AM EDT (US)         
After some time we are finally back with a new scenario, this time for AoW3!

Intro: A thousand years passed since the last dragon war that brought humanity to its knees. 1000 years since the great reptiles flew across the skies of Valerian islands, blowing fire that led the weakest races of the islands, halflings, tigrans, frostlings to extinction. And there would be no humanoid alive, if the great King Gallagher was not able to unite all the remaining races under a single banner and lead them to the final battle of Fairyfire which ended with the death of the Dragon Queen and the extermination of her dragons.

Since then peace reigns in the Valerian Archipelago and the dragons are nothing more than bed-time stories. Recently though disturbing rumors of flying creatures’ sightings arrive from all across the seas. Could it be that after all these centuries a new Dragon Queen emerged? They say that the egg of the dragon never dies…it only sleeps until a Dragon Queen awakes it. And then, no matter how many millennia passed since it was laid, it will hatch and bring to life a great wyrm.

Valeria of the Elves, Tzingara of the Orcs and Natasha the Human, must join forces to solve the mystery.

Map info: This is a three players’ medium, 2-levels cooperative map where Orcs, Elves and Humans must join forces against a rising common threat. However at the end only one player can win. The scenario is designed for human players, so do not expect much from an AI teammate!

IMPORTANT! Do not change the default settings that come with the scenario (only simultaneous turns and default heroes-do not modify)!

Details: This is the first publicly available scenario of our team. It contains 18 new heroes, 3 new leaders, 30+ custom items, hundreds of group behaviours and spawning events, more than 50 story messages, 30 quests, hundreds of scripted events and several new resource sets.

We left the scenario file unlocked and we hope that this by itself will be a contribution to the community of map makers and soon we will have an influx of new scenarios flooding with complex LUAs and events! We only hope that you will give us credit if things are copied:-)

Please leave feedback, comments and give us further suggestions to improve the scenario, BY EMAIL ( OR PRIVATELY ONLY! Do not spoil the fun for other players by posting information on the map here!

Enjoy the game!

Max, Uli, Steve, Max (M.UL.E)

Download v 1.0
posted 08-07-14 07:21 AM EDT (US)     1 / 5       
Sounds very interesting. I don't have much time lately to play AOW3, but if I do, I will definately check it out. Playing random maps is not so much fun after a while, so usermade maps are more than welcome for me.
Thanks for sharing your work!
posted 08-12-14 06:42 AM EDT (US)     2 / 5       
After many comments and suggestions and an attempt to proof-read the English texts, we proudly present you Rise of the Dragons V.1.1


* English language check (please report at in case that you find more syntax and grammatical errors)

* Small re-balancing changes between the players

* Minor scenario flaws fixed (thanks to the community for the valuable comments)!

* Few more items, spawn groups and tweaks in the scripting.

Download v1.1 here

Max, Uli, Steve, Max (M.UL.E)
posted 09-23-14 12:03 PM EDT (US)     3 / 5       
UPDATE! for Patch 1.4

Greetings to the community. We checked the scenario for patch 1.4 incompatibilities and -rather surprisingly- we found that some tiny things changed (we suspect due to the new options added to the editor).

Thus we updated all these minor points and now we proudly present you Rising of the Dragons v1.2!

We will still be indebted if you report any discrepancies or peculiarities you may observe.

Download the latest update (v.1.2) here


It is recommended to play the scenario in CLASSIC turns.

Please leave ALL the other default settings unchanged!

posted 09-27-14 03:35 PM EDT (US)     4 / 5       
I played it, and I really liked it. I generally enjoy fighting the inies much more than fighting other wizards, so it was exactly the kind of scenario I was looking for.
I also enjoyed the harsh difficulty. Allthough, I think you overdid the difficulty level a little bit.
For one, the spawn rate is crazy. During one turn, my main stack got attacked 10! times. That got annoying.
Second, the seas are insane. It took so many turns to get to the shore and establish a city there. By the time I managed that, there were so many stacks floating around, that there was no chance on ever having a stack surviving there.
I found a way that might have worked, but it felt cheesy. I was playing all three wizards, all allied. Placing the spell "Glyphs of warding" on every port city, the indy stacks started to whittle down themselfes. As a no sorceror wizard who playes by himself, I see no chance.
Last point, I finally reached the "boss stack" by underground. While I think it is allright to make that stack very challenging, Making it so that you can only bring one stack to battle is too much. In principle, I could assemble a stack of 5 Manticore riders and the Warlord with the items from the city, but I quit there.

These critisisms aside, I still enjoyed playing the scenario a lot, thanks for it.
posted 10-08-14 11:33 AM EDT (US)     5 / 5       
Dear Der_Zorn_Gottes,

Thanks for your comments really enlightening!

You highlighted something important that we had missed during the play-testing after the 1.4 patch...

The spawning rate is screwed! It was not supposed to be like that and it wasn't in the previous version. I do not understand what went wrong and we won't be able to check every single event again. However the map is unlocked, so hopefully members of the community will pick it up and either repair it or move forward with offspring scenarios.

Anyway, we are working now on a new scenario and hopefully there won't be any new patches messing around with the code anytime soon!


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