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Topic Subject:Map Making resource: How to make a custom Leader or Hero
posted 07-20-14 09:05 PM EDT (US)         
There's not much difference between a leader and a hero in AoW III. A leader is a hero with a few properties added. In the editor, if making a leader, you start with making a hero, then you add a few things to make it a proper leader.

To make a hero, you open the 'Heroes' tab and go into the 'Hero Library'. From here you can clone an existing hero and start editing, or you can make one from scratch by clicking 'New'. Making one from scratch is probably safer, as you won't be stuck with properties that belonged to the hero you cloned from from that somehow didn't get overwritten. But from 'New' you need to define all the stats again. For a level 1 hero the normal values are Physical Damage 12, Defense 9, Resistance 9, Move Points 36 and Hit Points 50, although you could fill in anything you wish here. Above that you've already filled in a name, race, class and gender.

Then under the 'Appearance' tab you can define how your hero will look. But I don't know what Eyebrows 1, 2 or 3 looks like without a picture. I recommend firing up the game first, make a leader like you want him or her to look, and then write down all the relevant data or take a screenshot.
Head Shape '1', Skin Texture '1', Skin Colour '5' etc; those numbers are what the editor needs. The icon in the screenshot above is called 'Good - ID 4'; sometimes you need to look at adjacent icons to figure out which name belongs to which picture - it's not always obvious.

Don't forget to open up the tab 'Equipped Items' and give your hero a weapon. You may have already filled in a weapon under the 'Appearance' tab, but that just gives the visual appearance of a weapon, for a weapon that actually works you'll need to fill it in under 'Equipped Items' as well.

Then, if you've finished doing a hero you can open up the 'Lord library' under the 'Leaders' tab. Click on ‘Include Resource Leaders’ and duplicate the ‘NEW LORD’ at the bottom. ‘Source’ then should come up as ‘No’. On the right side of this window you have your customisation options. The first option is ‘Hero Link’. Look for the name of the hero you’ve just created and select it; that’s how your leader is going to look. The leader's name can be longer than what you can define in-game; I can choose 'Queen Ravella' as first name and it'll be fine, while that would be too many symbols if I were already in the game and still had to type that. For ‘Class’ and ‘Icon’ and such just pick what you want, the hero class will get overwritten if you pick something different for your leader.

If you’re done you should have a complete leader resource. You can link to it from a leader icon on the map. In the window for that icon (on the right side in the editor), expand the ‘Lord’ tab, select for ‘Category’ ‘(none)’, then under ‘Resource’ your newly made character should come up as first or sometimes last option, still under the hero’s name. Select it.
Now, if you click on the unit icon on the map again, the name should change to what you chose for your leader.
posted 07-31-14 12:26 PM EDT (US)     1 / 2       

There are some things I would like to add to Sunicle’s (nice) posting:

1. Creating a “new hero”: You will notice that your hero’s model is (still) missing when having manual combats. But I think this will be fixed.

2. Leaders of “Source” = “Resource” (= “Allow Lords To Be Used As Heroes” in “Hero Library”) or “cloned” leaders (“Source” = “Map”):
Some of the leaders are having a good or evil alignment (like Merlin always being a goodie sorcerer). This hero is having -200 moral as unhappy with leader’s alignment (because you start at neutral = 0)

3. The basic stats of a hero may differ. That depends on “race” and “class” (like Orcs having +”Hp.” but –“Res.” or a Dreadnoughts having more “Def.” than Sorcerers).

4. When cloning and editing a hero, note this hero can have one extra random “hero spell” for free when doing like this: Choose “Sundren”, Rogue Lady of the High Elves. You want to “edit” this heroine, so you first need to “clone” her. For normal you are having “Skill Points 10/10”. Remove “Blind” and “Poison Blades” (= Skill Points 0/10)”. Add “Cloak and Dagger I” and “Inflict Crippling Wounds” (=10/10). Playtest her and you will see Sundren is having one of the level 1 hero spells: “Blind”, “Rain of Poison Blades”, “Quick Dash” or “Panic Attack”.

5. When “Leaders” are used as “Heroes” you can change their titles. When using “normal” heroes you cannot change. Example: I do like the appearance of “Grelka Greenclaw”, ArchDruid of the Orcs. I make a “clone” and “edit” her. I ‘d like to use another name, let’s say “Kunga Suula”. At playtest you will see “Kunga Suula Greenclaw”.

Here is a list of Leaders and Heroes (class/alignment) which might help you when planning to clone:

Leaders: Ekko (DN), Nomlik (Theo), Shagna (Rog), Tannah (Dru), Vontor (Sorc), Wazuhl (WL), Yzzo (Rog + evil)
Heroes: Hininia (Theo), Iggi (Rog), Jetta (WL), Yarti (Sorc), Yamari (Sorc) , Verrlukt (Theo), Raspik (Dru), Ramona (DN)

Leaders: Argula (DN), Gamblag (Theo), Groshak (Sorc), Sulthor (Rog), Urlagh (WL), Xorn (WL)
Heroes: Amok (Dru), Berte (WL), Faera (Sorc), Mikal (DN), Myra (Theo), Slirta (Rog), Urkan (WL), Varg (Rog)

Leaders: Carishar (Sorc+evil), Fai Dural (Theo + evil), Firak (DN), Reskar (Dru), Rish Kyan (WL + good), Zerti (Rog)
Heroes: Ida (Sorc), Mirra (DN), Arbak (WL), Emara (Dru), Eqlan (Rog), Raknor (Theo)

Leaders: Cerrin (Dru), Colm (WL), Edward (DN), Isabella (Rog + evil) Leonus (DN), Lucian (DN), Merlin (Sorc + good), Oscar (Rog + evil), Voraditius (Theo + evil)
Heroes: Ambor (Theo), Anya (DN), Elrac (WL), Hilde (Dru), Mae (WL), Per (DN), Piaggo (Rog), Velvet (Rog), Satura (Theo), Shana (Dru), Sheena (Sorc)

High Elf:
Leaders: Awanesse (Theo + good), Galendil (Dru), Julia (Dru + good), Leana (WL), Odren (DN), Saridas (Sorc), Sundren (Rog), Thannis (WL), Valery (WL), Werlac (Sorc + evil)
Heroes:Aegelis (Sorc), Ellen (DN), Faeron (Rog), Girron (WL), Imane (Dru), Irilis (Theo), Lealia (Sorc), Tianne (WL)

Leaders: Baradir (WL), Bormac (DN), Brenn (Theo + evil), Dwemus (Theo), Drugal (DN), Gustav (DN), Henna (Sorc), Quoshka (Dru)
Heroes: Benham (WL), Bursum (Sorc), Hingrid (Dru), Tara (Rog), Tyrobur (Theo), Tyma (DN), Svengir (Rog + evil)

With regards,
posted 08-16-14 05:46 AM EDT (US)     2 / 2       
Hi! I should have answered earlier...
1. Creating a “new hero”: You will notice that your hero’s model is (still) missing when having manual combats. But I think this will be fixed.
Big oops! Obviously I didn't know this yet when I made the above post. Also I've learnt that a hero made from the 'New Hero' button cannot be selected for a spawn group. That's not so good.

The good news is that the missing hero body issue has been fixed, we can see it working fine in the beta now. The official release just isn't there yet (speaking as of August 16, 2014).

All your other points look great as well. I was personally not aware of most of these things - hadn't studied things in such detail yet.

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