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Age of Wonders 2 Heaven » Forums » AoW3: General Discussion & suggestions » Map Making resource: Gift a different unit for clearing a structure
Topic Subject:Map Making resource: Gift a different unit for clearing a structure
posted 07-18-14 01:05 PM EDT (US)         
This is an example of how to give a scoundrel instead of one of the default units for clearing a Brigand Hideout. I'm planning to make an introduction to Adventure Sets, this example of a custom Reward Set could be a part of it.

It's a bit complicated, because I need to make 4 custom resources for this:
* a custom adventure set;
* a custom reward set;
* a custom unit category;
* a custom unit set.
Probably a shorter way is possible, but it may be good to show this whole process and later think about cutting corners.

It's good to start with the custom unit set. If we want to give a scoundrel as reward, we can see there already is a set called BRIGANDROGUES_GROUP_SET in the unit sets - this is in settings > map resources > unit sets.

This set we can duplicate, so we can edit it. There are 12 sub-sets in this unit category, but it just boils down to 1 beserker for each race + 1 scoundrel for each race. I'm cutting out the beserkers because I don't want them (maybe some other setting about unit level would suffice to rule them out anyway, but never mind; it seems safer this way).
Absolutely crucial is a unique set name, because that's where I'm going to link to. I'll name it BRIGAND_SCOUNDREL_GIFT_SET.

I cannot link to this unit set directly from a reward set, I need a unit category inbetween. Same process; settings > map resources > unit categories. I duplicate the BRIGANDROGUES_GROUP_CAT from here and in 'Sets' I'm putting BRIGAND_SCOUNDREL_GIFT_SET. This is the link to the unit set I created earlier. For ResourceNameLabel I'm going for Brigand Rogues Gift as a name for my new resource (I chose that name also for the unit set, but here it's a link name).

The reward sets, as you would expect, are under settings > map resources > reward sets. Same process again; I'm copying the Brigand Hideout default - Reward Set and I'm expanding the Unit Set Link to edit that. It links to All Core Races Unit Cat, I'm changing this to Brigand Rogues Gift, that shows up in the list; it's how I named my custom category resource. Although I first need to change the Category to (none), otherwise my resource still refuses to show up for some reason.
I'm not changing anything else in the reward set, and I'll give it the name Brigand Hideout alt - Reward Set.

I'm still not done, but now I can finally create my adventure set that links to this reward. Settings > map resources > adventure sets. Copy Brigand Hideout default - Adventure Set. In Rewards Link I now need to link to Brigand Hideout alt - Reward Set. Again I first need to change the Category to (none) before this comes up as an option.
My adventure set I'll name Brigand Hideout Scoundrel Reward - Adventure Set.

Finally! To this adventure set I can link from a Brigand Hideout I've placed on the map. It's got a Custom Adventure Set List, from there I can select adventure resources.

I only insert my Brigand Hideout Scoundrel Reward - Adventure Set. Save map and done.


Yo! It works. It's an Orc this time, but it could have been a scoundrel of any race. I didn't bother to change any of the properties of the Brigand Hideout besides the unit to give, so the rest is as usual.
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posted 07-20-14 03:24 PM EDT (US)     1 / 2       
Thanks for this guide, although I'm not much of a map-maker (although I have dabbled).

Perhaps you could start a series of guides for AoWH3?

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posted 07-20-14 06:14 PM EDT (US)     2 / 2       
Excellent work.

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