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Topic Subject:Still using Delphi?
posted 06-19-02 06:33 AM EDT (US)         
I just wondered if AOW was still done in Delphi (5.0 I would suppose then), and if Josh and others were happy with this (wonderful, I use it) language compared to C++ Visual Studio...

Do you think you developped faster in Delphi than in a C++ language (at equal skill of expertise)?

Did you have problems adapting the directX headers for a Delphi usage?

Have you a special pit trap / warning to report for games developpers using delphi?

TIA for your responses, I would really like to know.


Josh AoW
posted 06-19-02 06:44 AM EDT (US)     1 / 2       
Yup, Delphi 5... we only switch versions when we start on new projects, to avoid possible problems.

Delphi has definitely been faster for us than C++... I'd say it cut months off the development time of AoW2... I can code in C just fine, but Delphi requires less work to get the same result. Delphi also has a fantastically fast compiler, which is great for people like me, who like to test every little tweak they make...

There are publically available DirectX headers for Delphi, which work fine.

The only trouble people may have using Delphi, is that it is more difficult to get help & advice (& jobs), since there are fewer users... but there is a solid base of people using Delphi, and plenty of newsgroups where help can be found on a variety of topics.

Hope that's helpful, and good luck!

Josh Farley
Triumph Studios

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posted 06-19-02 07:26 AM EDT (US)     2 / 2       
Thank you for your answers Josh.

you dont happen to have jobs opportunities for a french delphi developper?

God if you exist, give me a sign !


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