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Topic Subject:wishlist
posted 10-04-18 03:31 PM EDT (US)         
my wishes after playing AoW1 (i know nobody will do it, just share my impressions):

game would be less wearing, if the movement of all enemy units in TC would be instant, BUT not attacks (range, melee, spells).
Like, split of second and all 24 units are on new places, and then, one by one, they perform attack (if can).

Each enemy units could left movement path track behind, to mark from where they came. the footprints will disappear when Player select first unit.

when make end turn, all your units that still has Movement Points, could follow by they given track (instant fast).

new key function for:
3a- select next unit without Move order
3b- jump in strategy map view, to next city.

Upgrade of city could be graphically represented (better than with this yellow dots). F.ex by amounts of high towers. I loved that I can just look at city in the main map and tell the type of walls, size, city race, amount of crops!

tier 1 units could has the ability to merge into squads - be represent by graphic with amount of troops (like master of magic, age of wonders 3).

not sure what advantage (besides save army slots) in mechanics that could provide.

city rally points

draw box and select multiple units, like in RTS, and let they all move.

p.s. ofc AoW1 is game-wise crippled (defense exploit), but its obvious (cost of attack/defense, should increase)
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