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Topic Subject:Forces sufficient to raze a site
posted 12-16-13 09:25 AM EDT (US)         
Hey folks, Iím just looking for a definitive answer about a certain game mechanic from the original Aow1 with 1.36 patch. Iím in a PBEM game with a few guys I play with regularly and one of the players just had a 4 hex city razed by an independent level 3 unit (which I think had recently deserted him). So we all just wanted to understand a bit more about the test (in code) which determines if the forces are sufficient to raze the site.

The unit in question was a lone eagle rider which razed a 4 hex Human City, owning player was Azrac and I am not sure of what the race relations were at the time. So being as specific as possible this is a scenario where one level three unit is trying to raze a level 4 city. Can anyone explain how the game decides if itís possible to raze? I think it may have something to do with the unit race vs the city race, but I am not sure.

We have done some tests on a mock up map in the editor however the results are inconclusive, any help is appreciated.

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