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Topic Subject:Campaign Hero Creation Tips
posted 04-20-12 12:21 PM EDT (US)         
Hi to everyone!

I'm rather new in AoW world. I once played for a while 10 years ago AoW and AoW2 and now I'm back again to my youth's love...

It seems I need some advice in customizing the main hero in AoW campaign. I tried several types of heroes varying in race, skills and stats but I become feel discontent somewhere around 3rd scenario in campaign (playing as Keepers). In other words, I can't choose the best race for my hero, spheres of magic and so on. Could anyone give me some tips in creating a decent hero to battle through campaign vicissitudes? Not spoilers but tips based on your experience.

Thanks in advance.

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posted 04-21-12 08:10 AM EDT (US)     1 / 20       
If you want an easy ending, choose lighningt strike, life
stealing, regeneration and if you still have enough point
holy srike if you want to fight the bad guys ou death/poison
strike if you want to be a bad guy. When you
level up, choose Round attack and Wall climbing at
the 1st level.

It will begin a bit difficult because your attack rate is not
very accurate. Once you have 10 def 8 resist 9 att, you can
level up your casting points.

Good guys choose Life sphere, you have Bless spell (+1 def +1 res ).
If you want fast heroes to perform assassination rush
take some Air sphere for "Haste" and "Wind walking" (fly)
If you want a more slow but robust, take Earth for
"Stone skin" (+3 def) and "Free movement".
"Enchanted Weapon" (+1 att +1 dam), "Dispel magic" (dispel any magic creature)
and "Town Gate" (teleport) are available to any sphere. Research them as soon as possible
In AOW 1, mana sources are scarce. Use them with wise.

For the race, i would choose dwarf, they have higher def
but less movement point or human.

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posted 04-21-12 08:57 AM EDT (US)     2 / 20       
Thanks for replying.

As I see, you would prefer "contact fighter" type of hero, do you? With some magic power-ups, of course.
Does it mean that Archery and its improvements (e.g.marksmanship) is a weaker way of hero development?
And could I, for example, create a "pure magician" type of hero and succeed with it through the campaign? Or some type of "support hero" that will avoid melees and will only cast supporting and healing spells?

And as I understood, the hero's race does not affect the relations with other races and the course of the game? So, if the brave lizardman hero with disgusting scaly skin led an army of half-drunk halflings into the wonderful elf city - no one will be angry just because elves and halflings are friends? And I could easily save the World of Good with undead champion with empty eye-holes?...

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posted 04-21-12 03:01 PM EDT (US)     3 / 20       
Everything is possible. I only suggested the easiest way as
you said you were new to the game.
Archery and Markmanship are less useful in late scenarios.
You enemies have max def and res and level 4 units which also
have high def and att.
Support casting leader is the most difficult path because your
enemies always have more powerful units at the beginning. You
are always outnumbered. Your leader must be able to keep
himself alive. Fighting at frontline with little "close
combat" ability is dangerous

I believed that your leader race does not matter. You can choose
any race. But i prefer a nice figure (Esmeralda the Healer)
posted 04-21-12 03:11 PM EDT (US)     4 / 20       
When I choose to play as the Keepers, I generally always go custom and I always reset Elric's stats and then I always go for spell-casting 2 and then I pick wall-climbing. I generally do keep the default setting of 2 life spheres and 1 water sphere.

I like spell-casting for the flexibility that having the extra mana income provides. With more mana available from the start of the game I have the option to adjust the slider to provide either more research or more mana as needed.

It pays to check on research and adjust the slider to see if the current research could be finished any sooner by adjusting the slider a little bit higher towards research or to see if you can adjust the slider over towards mana a couple of clicks without increasing the number of days left for your current research goal to be completed.

I nearly always max out the spell-casting before I choose anything else. Having the maximum of 50 spell-casting points is very powerful!

Next, I like to use 14 out of 20 of upgrade-points from the next two level-ups for upgrades in movement-points.

Movement-point upgrades cost 2 points a piece and I like to buy 7 of them spending 14 out of 20 upgrade-points and saving the last 6 upgrade-points for the next time. Having those 7 extra movement-point upgrades is also very powerful!

BY this time in the game, although Elric is perhaps not great at melee fighting, he can use his spell-casting and long-range movement to stay alive!

Next, I generally like to get the extra-strike ability for 15 upgrade-points by using the next level-up and those 6 left-over upgrade-points left over from the last level-up...but I could choose melee-strike abilities...or ranged-missile abilities...or increases in Elric's other stats.

When I play as the Cult of Storms, I generally do use the same strategy.

I have completer both campaigns several gets better!

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posted 04-21-12 04:13 PM EDT (US)     5 / 20       
Oh, tons of info, thanks to all of you, it will really help...

By the way, I noticed that when I choose the starting hero in Keepers campaign (I guess it's the same with the Cult), I choose "Customize" and let Elric stay, he has better stats than if I had any other hero chosen, even than the elf one (he has Att 4 and Def 4 while the standard elf hero has 3 and 3 respectively). Are the game authors hinting gently to leave everything as is?
posted 04-21-12 06:45 PM EDT (US)     6 / 20       
Elric is by default elf and has already used the starting 25 upgrade-points as follows...15 upgrade-points for three stat boosts of +1 attack, +1 defense, +1 resistance and 10 upgrade-points for the archery skill.

When I customize Elric, I leave his portrait alone and I leave his race as elf...but I clear off the default 25 upgrade-points and then I choose to spend 20 for spell-casting II and 5 for wall-climbing.

In my case, Elric starts the game with basic stats of 3 attack 3 defense 3 damage 3 resistance and no ranged attack.
posted 04-22-12 01:54 PM EDT (US)     7 / 20       
All valid ideas.

One thing to bear in mind id that certain skills are only available when you create your hero, for example regeneration, domination and lifestealing.

I like to pick these kind of skills because even though it means a slightly physically weaker starting leader, it does make things more interesting.

And anyway, once your leaders are uber strong the game gerts a bit boring for me :/.

Take an old, dirty, hungry, mangy, sick and wet dog and feed him and wash him and nurse him back to health, and he will never turn on you and bite you.

This is how man and dog differ.
posted 04-22-12 03:27 PM EDT (US)     8 / 20       
Well, one more thing about leader's race: when I start the Keepers campaign with Elric or any other ELVISH hero, always there's an ELVISH town on the first map in the southern part of it. But when I play, say, with dwarf hero, this town is always halfling-populated... Does it depend? Or just random?
posted 04-22-12 04:55 PM EDT (US)     9 / 20       
There is always a Elf village in the South. The map is fixed.
posted 04-23-12 01:45 AM EDT (US)     10 / 20       
Am I going mad??? I swear by little abdominous Halfling Gods , it was there just yesterday when I played a while in evening - this little 1-hex HALFLING neutral town. Sometime it is already conquered by Goblins but yesterday it was free and it WAS HALFLING'S! Without this sharp-pointed elf tower... I felt annoyed 'cause halflings are not so good warriors and having Elvish town is always a real help. How could it be?

P.S. I meant not this faraway elf town in the far south (I discovered it recently) but one of two towns in the valley beside the Mage Tower.

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posted 04-23-12 03:59 PM EDT (US)     11 / 20       
Speaking of that elf village in the extreme far south of the first map of the Keeper's campaign, I just played that map last night and I stumbled upon a pretty neat trick...

That trick is to capture the goblin 3-hex city in the south east while letting the goblin leader survive. (Hint: use your leader for bait to get him to leave his city and chase after you).

If you can pull this off, then you can migrate to the elf race and upgrade the city if it is not already at level 3 and then install and produce a unicorn.

I did exactly this last night!

The best part of this trick is that you can take the unicorn with you for 90 of the 150 transfer points that you are given when you go to the next level of the campaign.

posted 04-24-12 04:38 AM EDT (US)     12 / 20       
I would choose to take with me an item or 2 instead of units.
If i remember well, the next scenario is a rush to a location.
There is one of the most valuable item for "Close combat" heroes : First strike, +1 Dam
(1 Att costs 5 upgrade points, 1 Dam cost 10 points)
posted 04-24-12 02:51 PM EDT (US)     13 / 20       
By the way, I did take the +1 defense shield with me from level one for 50 of the 150 transfer points which meant that I could still take the unicorn for 90 and I chose the rest in mana.
The campaign branches after the first scenario...the player is given a choice of either the northern trade route or the subterranean passage.

I chose to take the northern trade route this time where you are given a set time limit of 20 days to find Lunaris and bring Elric there.

I did hit the monster's lair that is located like six or seven hexes north and like one or two hexes to the west of the starting position where I got an item for +1 damage and magic-strike.

I forgot how exactly many transfer points I had at the end of the second scenario. (My guess is 366). But I still took the unicorn and the those two items. The rest of the points I used for pony riders and mana.

I think having first-strike would be better than having magic-strike.

Did you by chance take the subterranean passage and if so, where is the monster's lair or ruin located?

Or, did I miss finding the first-strike item on the northern trade route?
Or, did both of us find our items at the same monster's lair...but the item gets assigned a random strike-ability every time?
posted 04-24-12 05:12 PM EDT (US)     14 / 20       
Yeah, i replayed the Subterran passage.
You go down to the cavern then South West from there.
Go through a bridge then a little south from
the bridge there is a monster lair.

I made a mistake : the item is first strike + magic strike + 1 att
(even more valuable in the early game)

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posted 04-25-12 09:50 AM EDT (US)     15 / 20       
I much prefer the Northern Trade Route. It's faster, and you get a hero from it.

Are you guys referring to the more difficult skill level for the campaign? It seems like you're bringing a lot more with you to the next level than I remember being able to do. That was a frustrating thing about the harder setting - your hero eventually becomes too valuable to carry over. But I guess that's part of why it's more difficult! ;-)
posted 04-25-12 03:10 PM EDT (US)     16 / 20       
it's easy, don't level up your fellow hero.
I use him as a support caster and keep him at low level
until i found a hero with better starting attributes
(regeneration or life stealing)
Until the scenario before The Valley of Wonder, i would
keep him away from battle, level up only Spell casting
so he can cast spells.
And at the above scenario, i level him up to max level
minus 1 xp (you pay less for taking him to the next scenario
and at the beginning of the next scenario, he levels up)
posted 01-10-13 04:02 AM EDT (US)     17 / 20       
Hi, guys!

In discussion above you have mentioned the hero skills that can be chosen only on level 1. Where could I find the list of these skills? It seems there are no such notes in skill description in game itself...
posted 01-14-13 10:47 AM EDT (US)     18 / 20       
Well, I've found'em out...

Here they are (maybe someone will need it)

Call Flames
Cold Protection
Cold Strike
Death Protection
Death Strike
Desert Concealment
Doom Gaze
Fire Protection
Fire Strike
Holy Protection
Holy Strike
Hurl Stones
Life Stealing
Poison Protection
Poison Strike
Snow Concealment
Steppe Concealment
Trail of Darkness
Underground Concealment
Venomous Spit
Wasteland Concealment
posted 02-02-13 08:32 PM EDT (US)     19 / 20       
I really like Lightning strike, i always pick that one. You know how good it is when you pick up a weapon with first strike later on, melee units will barely touch you. I prefer regeneration to life stealing, life stealing isnt that great against high lvl opponents.

I like domination, especially with lightning strike, gives you free round without the chance of retaliation. I would suggest either lightning strike + regen or lightning strike + domination.
I rarely pick markmanship, my leader is a caster/melee, and spells are not affected by affects staff and items you pick up though. When i max stats in adition to spellcast, i cant really afford markmanship. my other hero will be melee/archer, so he get the marksmanship.
posted 02-24-13 01:56 PM EDT (US)     20 / 20       
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