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Topic Subject:Fighting the Undead in the Keepers Campaign
posted 03-15-12 11:26 AM EDT (US)         
I am on the first Elf section of the keepers campaign, first appearance of the Undead, and looking for some tips to speed this map along. I have no fear of loosing the map but it is progressing very slowly. I don't have a problem with that because I love this game and I tend to try and move like an ever expanding amoeba for the campaign, pushing with the front lines deeper into enemy terrain, taking cities, then following with defense to protect.

I have taken almost half the map and have an Elf lvl 4 hex and rebuilt the center lvl 4 hex and have options of Dwarf and Halfling to migrate. I will get the lvl 4 hex in the upper right corner near the Undead leader as my next objective (is that a permanent Highman?) and then start to put the squeeze from all sides.

My Leader was designed with Holy and Lightning Strike, I have 4 Air and 3 Life spheres, Spell Casting 5, max defense, 7 resistance, 20 hp, and the uber powerful first strike halberd, among other goodies I have collected through out the campaign. The only chance they really have to kill me is that Damn Invoke Death.

I attempted to search for some threads out there on this section but could not find much, if anything discussing any campaign strategies players have used.

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posted 03-16-12 05:39 AM EDT (US)     1 / 3       
What do you mean by very slowly?

Take you time, if you already have half of the map, you have
enough resource to win. I can only suggest that you have 1
or 2 powerful and fast stacks as spearhead to take the cities.
Some slow stacks to migrate the taken cities. If you don't
have enough army to migrate all the cities so be it.
The objective is yours enemies do not have those cities to
produce their units.

The fastest way to win is "assassination rush" in 15 first
round. You kill their leaders before they can produce some
powerful bodyguard. After that, it's all about who have more
high level units
posted 03-16-12 10:09 AM EDT (US)     2 / 3       
Too bad you didn't do 4 Life spheres, because the Gold Dragon would help you a lot. That said, Air Elementals are awesome if the enemy hasn't cast enchanted weapon or Dark Gift on its units - Magic, Holy, and Death Strike are the only things that hurt it.

I thought Invoke Death wouldn't work on leaders. Just like charm, seduce, and dominate won't work on leaders.
posted 03-16-12 03:04 PM EDT (US)     3 / 3       
gzip - I mean just the amount of turns. I guess the AI was good at the beginning to slow me down. A couple big battles for a level 3 city just on my side of the mountains ate up about 10-15 turns. I like to avoid the assassination rush because I feel it takes some of the challenge out of the map. I had a long war with Hall of Heroes and Safelands too.

I am working on building some N-Elementals with Giants and cleric support. I like the NE's and Giants combo. Entangle Strike is pretty effective, Giants, with their high damage, can finish off the victims, and clerics, or Unicorns, for Wraith protection. If that is indeed a Highman level 4 city just to the north west of the Undead leader, I will add Avengers to that party instead of clerics.

Mac_Biodiesel - Gold Dragons are very very good but I was going for the crazy movement capabilities with Air. I also will have my leader use dispel while with the AE's and that works well unless there are multiple 8 stacks with enchantments.

I think I am really just trying to spark more conversation about the campaign portion of the game with strategies and how they go about completing missions.
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