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Topic Subject:New Map Submissions?
posted 03-08-12 04:00 PM EDT (US)         
I was just wondering if new maps can still be submitted? I created a new map called Rome, and I attempted to submit it but I am not sure it was uploaded correctly. Map information is below:

Rome: A Scenario for Age of Wonders by KingJohnVI

Ancient Rome began in central Italy, slowly but steadily spreading its influence across Europe until it became the most powerful empire in history. But for now the Romans (The High-Men) have only just begun their conquest of Italy, and there are many terrible enemies to contend with before dominance can be assured. Moreover, ancient stories tell of a terrible evil that has been slowly gaining power in Pluto's domain beneath the earth (the Greeks would call him Hades). Can the Romans overcome all odds and claim their rightful place in history as masters of the known world?

To claim victory you must capture the nine capital cities of Europe and Africa including Rome, Siracuse, Carthage, Terraco, Lugdunum, Batavi, Daci, Pella, and Alexandria.

As far as balance goes, I tried very hard to give each faction a fighting chance, though I can't say for certain whether each player is evenly matched because of certain factions' positioning. To alleviate this problem, some factions will have more cities immediately available to them, and others have fewer. A great example of this is the Sicilians (Lizardmen), and the Northern German Tribes (Frostlings). The Sicilians are very close to and immediately between the Romans (Highmen) and Carthaginians (Dark Elves). Therefore, their position would result in their swift defeat were they not given some early advantage. As a result, the Sicilians have more cities immediately available to them compared to most other civilizations, and more surrounding cities start as their species. Similarly, the Northern German Tribes (Frostlings) have fewer cities that are more spread out because they have fewer hostile neighbors, and because any potential enemies have other enemies of their own to deal with. Also, Africa has fewer cities than Europe, but far fewer contenders. As a result, I believe the balance is fair, though I doubt it can ever be perfect given Europe's geography.

Finally, the dwarves and goblins are optional. They can be played historically as additional barbaric tribes that spring up after a certain point in the game (they start underground) or they can be turned off to allow additional underground expansion, or just one could be turned on to give one side an advantage.

List of Empires:
Romans (Highmen)
Carthaginians (Dark Elves)
Sicilians (Lizardmen)
Greeks/Macedonians (Humans)
Spanish Tribes (Halflings)
Gauls (Orcs)
Northern German Tribes (Frostlings)
Dacian Tribes (Elves)
Egyptians (Azracs)
God of the Underworld (Undead)

Vandals (Goblins)
Suebi (Dwarves)

Final Note: The difficulty settings that are selected by default are intended for a medium difficulty single-player game with the human taking control of the High-men. Different difficulty settings for the computers dramatically affect the early game.

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posted 03-08-12 04:49 PM EDT (US)     1 / 2       
It takes a few days after you have submitted it before it shows up.

#7373DE for Humans #EFB573 for Azracs #4AA58C for Lizard Men #9CC6E7 for Frostlings |SM|> #E4ED38 #EBEBEB #CC2D29 #CC29D5
#6BB54A for Elves #EFE773 for Halflings #D6AD8C for Dwarves #EFEFDE for High Men |SM|> #DE8EA4 #F09245 #D2BE92 #BDBDE8 #558CDD
#B563BD for Dark Elves #F74242 for Orcs #BD7352 for Goblins #947B73 for The Undead |SM|> #1DDB38 #83795A #2CAAA4 #AC762A
Colors for AoW1 and AoWSM **A Proud Member of the Unofficial Patch Team!** ~2010 AoWSM PBEM Singles Champion~
posted 03-09-12 08:26 PM EDT (US)     2 / 2       
Ah yes, I see it now, thanks!
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